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Losing your pet can be a difficult experience for you and your family. To many, losing the one that shares your homes, loves you unconditionally, bring you joy and being your close friend can be devastating. Choosing a final resting place after your pet has gone over the rainbow bridge will be the most personal and sometimes difficult decision. Contact Little Pets Kingdom for more details and information. 

BREED Common Cremation (Without Ashes) Private Cremation (With Ashes)
Hamster $65 $180
Guinea Pig $65 $180
Kitten/Puppy (Below 3 Months) $100 $300
Rabbit $100 $208
Cats $100 $300
Dogs - Small
Daschund/Jrt/Shih Tze etc.
$180 $448
Dogs - Medium
Mongrel/Cross Breed/Boxer/
Basset/Dalmatian etc.
$220 $588
Dogs - Large
German Shepherd/
Retriever/Rottwellier etc.
$348 $628
Dogs - Extra Large
Great Dane Mastiff/
Old English Sheepdog
$688 $728
Cremation Charges are inclusive of 5% GST.
8AM - 6PM $50
6PM - 11PM $120